1. Name of the person
2. Father's Name
3. Date of Birth
4. Gender
5. Nationality
6. Permanent Address
7. Residential Address  Same As Parmanent Address
8. Mobile Number
9. Email Address
10. Areas of Interest:
11. Period of service willing to render ( Indicate days and month):
12. Languages Spoken
13. Fluency in languages
14. Previous experience of voluntary service (NSS, NCC, NGO etc):
15. Education Qualification Details
16. Emergency Contact details (Name, Relationship, Phone Number & Address) :
Reference Details 1 :
Reference Details 2 :
1. Name of the person
1. Name of the person
2. Relationship
2. Relationship
3. Mobile Number
3. Mobile Number
4. Address
4. Address
Confidentiality and organizational ethics form.
17. Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than minor traffic violations?
Your application is subject to a complete background review including any criminal convictions.
A. Offence Date
B. Location Fine/sentence
C. Are you currently on probation, parole, or awaiting trial?

Documents Required for Registration as Zoo Volunteers

Fill the above Application form.

Please provide resume and certificate of voluntary service in any organisation.

Xerox copy of Aadhar card/Voter ID/passport/Driving license/PAN card.

Passport size colour photos - 2Nos.

Educational Qualification certificate.

Other experience certificate in service like NCC,NSS,NGO etc.